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We strongly believe in how we operate & help our clients


Every company has its own identity, the disciplines and values that make up the business DNA. At CWP Investments, we have identified four behaviors that embody our values. These behaviors make up the strands of CWP Investments corporate DNA.

We encourage creativity and ingenuity in all of our processes, systems, products and services. We strive to be the first to anticipate emerging opportunities and match them with clients’ needs, with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with an unsurpassed service, whilst exceeding industry standards and expectations at all times.

We are entirely independent, meaning that we can provide you with accurate, up-to-date and impartial financial advice on investments from all the different markets. Any recommendations are made only after thorough analysis and research of the entire market place.

We believe in the importance and value of transparency in all aspects of our company. Our team of analysts are like-minded individuals who believe in thoroughness, technical competence and clear communications. By using this approach to everything that we do, we have produced outstanding results and more importantly, we have built long-lasting relationships with clients, investors and our partners.

We conduct regular reviews to analyze any changes of your personal circumstances in the investment market or tax legislation, thus ensuring your investments stay on the right path and in line with your goals and aspirations. We hold all of our clients in equal regard and demand the best possible outcomes for them, allowing our company to grow and build on our flourishing reputation and track record.


We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge in order for them to gain a deeper understanding of the global financial markets. We aim to be as transparent as possible and ensure that our advice is relevant, informative, and best-suited to your risk profile.

We have devised a complete strategy for growth based on achieving long-term results for our clients, while also increasing the distribution and penetration of our offerings in emerging markets. To achieve our strategy, we attract and retain the brightest, most motivated individuals, focused on working diligently, efficiently and with integrity. We look to nurture an environment that is productive, harmonious and, above all, beneficial to all involved.

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Starting your journey with

CWP Investments

We will take you through our KYC process & start you off with a simple form so we can begin to build a better picture of who you are and what your goals are.

In-depth analysis

Of your circumstance

We proceed to analyze your personal circumstance in great depth & identify your goals and aspirations. We work closely with you to get the best understanding.


Creating a

Personalized Strategy

After the in-depth analysis process, our team will come up with a bespoke strategy & plan that works for your particular goals & aspirations, whilst keeping your circumstances in mind.

Starting your journey to

Financial Freedom

After you are completely comfortable with the plan and have chosen the right strategy with our help, we then start your trading process. We are determined to make you successful, in turn also bringing our company success.

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Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, 8 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018981
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